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Explore the Virgin Islands

U.S Virgin Islands vacation spots offer some of the finest accommodations in the Caribbean.

There’s something here for everyone – no matter what your group size or budget is.



You will behold luxury villas in St. Thomas and world class beaches rarely found elsewhere. Regardless if you want to walk on white sands or find yourself on a quieter beach, St. Thomas has it all. A trip down to Megans Bay offers all the daily comforts for you and your family. It is known for its amazing bar and island famous pizza. Along with that you will find multiple bathrooms and changing areas up and down the beach. There are kayak and paddle board rental spots on the right side if you want to explore the water from above.

Move a little further to the north, and you’ll find yourself at Hull Bay. It’s more of a local spot and offers some local spot pleasures. You can catch the fisherman on the way out of the water after a fishing trip and purchase fresh seafood at the boat ramp. Pop down to the left and get yourself some shade under the Sea Grape tree. Don’t be surprised to catch locals playing with their dogs down there or having a cookout on the beach. Make sure to bring a cooler and any snacks you may want as there are no restaurants or provided services. Taking advantage of our Concierge services will be the most efficient way to visit local spots if you’re so inclined.


When it comes to Shopping, St. Thomas can offer it all. Want to buy some jewelry? Got it. Liquor? Of course. T-shirts and gifts? Better believe it. Best thing yet, it’s all Duty free. No sales tax on anything! The historic downtown has just been revamped. A few palm trees and cobblestone streets make it a great place for a stroll. There’s a perfect mix of stores, local artists, t-shirt shops and nice dining areas to choose from. When you mention Caribbean Retreats, you might be able to obtain even bigger discounts at our local favorites.

There is no better place than Mountain Top to get their world-famous Banana Daiquiris, come by taxi or take a hike up the mountain. This location serves as a one-stop shop, with everything you need under one roof and breathtaking views of Megans Bay, St. John, and the BVIs.



The Virgin Islands have such a variety of things to do and the Concierge Services offered by Caribbean Retreats is here for you. From sailing and diving, to swimming with turtles and dolphins. Don’t forget dining. Make sure to plan things out so you eliminate the circles as taxis can be expensive. Plan with your group ahead of time and maximize your trips. Want to snorkel? We have it. Want to parasail? Perfect. Want to go on a jeep tour to a private beach and see nobody? Done.

No matter how you visualize your vacation, it’s here for the taking. We have it all: sunset cruises on the open sea, fishing trips to catch meals for your villa, and encounters with turtles in one of St. John’s world-famous bays. Caribbean Retreats is here to help you make the most of your vacation in the Caribbean.

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